Friday, September 11, 2015

Misiku KURUS

Assalamualaikum! Hola semuanya^^

Oh yeah! Bila bercakap pasal nak kurus ni, it's like everyone gonna suggest various types of methods oh well^^ But the point is that to execute the method is the most-really-very tough thing to start with. Believe me, the starting point is always the hardest one.

Being an obese person is never my choice.. I didn't realized my journey of being an obese person. As I am planning to get married soon, diet and become a normal BMI person is a must for me. Ya la kan, nak kawen pun xnak usaha untuk kurus ke? nanti dalam gambar orang kutuk2 pengantin gemuk marah pulak kan??? ok nak nangis!

This is almost a week since I left white rice and sugary-drinks, and I'm already okay with it. Then, already sign up dkt gym.. and hopefully my usaha berhasil la.. I see the progress, but it was not fast..quite slow..But I hope I can keep going. I hope I can apply this diet as my lifestyle^^

Who doesn't want to be pretty right? 
Tetiba teringat quote kat fb "Muka lawa boleh lah, buat jahat pun orang akan tetap sokong kau sebab apa? sebab kau lawa. cuba kalau yang hodoh, duduk diam pun kena maki"... Harsh enough yet so true.. Kan???

May Allah helps me in this journey. Pray for me guys! 

My current diet plan: Atkin and calory diet
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